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Classroom Questions

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girl headset

Kids today are exposed to RF radiation from cell phone much earlier than their parents ever were. That concerns some scientists, because the lifetime over which today’s youngsters are exposed will be far longer than for their parents.

zika research

A Zika-virus researcher works with samples at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Vaccine Research Center. 

Jupiter globe

Scientists have long studied Jupiter with telescopes, such as the Hubble Space Telescope, which created this image. But the Juno spacecraft will give them an even closer look.

Classroom questions for Science News for Students articles

Questions for Hellbenders



Before reading:

1.    How is an amphibian different from a fish or a reptile? Name three kinds of amphibians.

2.    Why is clean water necessary for animals and for people?

During reading:

1.    What is hellbender “snot,” and how does it help a hellbender?

2.    What happens to a hellbender during its metamorphosis?

3.    How many subspecies of hellbender exist? Give their names and where they can be found.

4.    A pair of hellbenders can produce hundreds of larvae. Why doesn’t that result in hundreds of adult hellbenders?

5.    Why is silt and sediment washing into waterways where hellbenders live?


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