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News Detective: Emily Observes a Lemur

Emily, SNK's intrepid reporter, goes to Madagascar to trap and check out a lemur.

When I first saw Ziggy, I expected him to act like a rat. After all, he looked a lot like a rodent. He had a tiny body, brown fur, pointy ears, and a long tail.

The Best Defense Is a Good Snow Fence Additional Information

Recommended Web sites:

Erica David presented some of her findings at the International Snow Science Workshop in September 2004, and again in October 2006. The conference takes place every year in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Learn more about the workshop at: www.avalanche.org/~issw2006/(American Avalanche Institute).

To learn more about trapping snow to increase water supply, go to www.agr.gc.ca/pfra/water/snowfence_e.htm (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada).

The algae invasion Additional Information

POWER WORDS (adapted from the Yahoo! Kids dictionary, University of California, Berkeley website and National Institutes of Health website)

cell The smallest structural unit of an organism that is capable of independent functioning.

gene A hereditary unit consisting of a sequence of DNA that occupies a specific location on a chromosome and determines a particular characteristic in an organism.

genetic mutation A change in the DNA of a gene.

biological evolution The process of physical change in living things across generations.


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