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Earthquake shortens the day

If you feel like there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done, maybe you can blame an earthquake.

Just after 3:30 am on February 27, a powerful earthquake shook the central part of Chile, a country in South America. In cities including Santiago, the capital, some buildings collapsed and hundreds of people were hurt or killed.

Chile wasn’t the only part of Earth shaken by the quake, however.

Traveling tuna

Apparently, even fish want to break the rules sometimes.

After spending weeks and months swimming in the open sea, mature Atlantic bluefin tuna return to the area where they first hatched. They do so in order to spawn, or reproduce. These bluefin tuna are divided into two groups: western Atlantic bluefins and eastern Atlantic bluefins. When it’s time to mate, the mature westerners head toward the Gulf of Mexico. Mature easterners, in contrast, head off to the Mediterranean.

News detective: A Galapagos journey

During a 3-month adventure through Central and South America, Bryn Nelson encountered a variety of exotic animals, including this friendly mealy parrot.

Courtesy of Bryn Nelson

Aboard a boat named the Letty, I traveled more than 500 miles (about 800 km) through the Galápagos Islands and crossed the equator four times. During the trip, I kept a journal so I'd remember all the weird and wonderful wildlife I was seeing along the way. On several nights, I read a description of the same islands based on journal entries written in the 19th century.


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