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A new filter lets light pass through — but only if it's coming from just the right angle. Here, a light ray coming in at the 1-o’clock position reflects off the filter. But the other beam streaks straight on through.

This electron microscope image (in false color) shows sapwood after being used for water filtration. The sapwood’s pit membranes (red and blue) successfully trapped E. coli bacteria (the tiny, leaf-green-colored dots and rod shapes). This prevented the germs from passing through to the drinking water. 

hydrothermal vent life in Caribbean Sea

A community of animals camp out atop metal-rich sulfide ores at a hydrothermal vent 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) below the surface of the Caribbean Sea. The tiny dots in upper right are a new species of little brown snails. Bigger animals with shaggy ‘heads’ are anemones, which eat shrimp. Mini shrimps (lower center right) congregate by the dozens to thousands. The cottony white at center left is a mat of unusual bacteria.

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