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ISEF Finalist with students at Public Day

The Value of Attending the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Attendance for Educators

Society for Science & the Public and Intel believe that there is great value in having teachers, fair directors, and educators among the attendees at the Intel ISEF each year.  The Intel ISEF is qualified as an approved competition by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).

The events arranged each year are planned with these adult attendees in mind so that the time away from classroom and/or administrative duties is not taken lightly.  Educators have the opportunity to:

  • Meet, talk, and exchange ideas with over 500 outstanding science teachers from each of the 50 states within the United States and over 75 countries.  Many teachers in attendance have leadership roles in the management of science fairs or research courses and several have one or more students competing on the exhibit floor.
  • Review and discuss the research of more than 1,700 finalists from around the world competing in 22 scientific disciplines.  The Intel ISEF is also an ideal opportunity for science teachers to gain new ideas for student research and measure their own students’ achievements and progress against those of other students from all across the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.
  • Participate in Symposia that provide a broad spectrum of STEM-area discussions including the unique challenges of teaching science and mathematics and supervising student science research efforts as well as learning the latest in the rules and fair management. 
  • Volunteer and engage with the research students, student observers and/or the 3,000 local community school children attending the fair on Thursday for the Education Outreach Program at Intel ISEF Public Day. 

For questions or for additional information about the Intel ISEF, contact us at 202/785-2255; fax 202/785-1243 or e-mail

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